AltLang for Adobe Experience Manager

Among AEM features, you will find automatic conversion for language varieties through AltLang. With AltLang you will be able to deliver your content not only in the right language but also in the right variety of that language.

Altlang helps you to get highly satisfied local audiences in the following languages:

  • English: convert from American to British English or the other way round
  • Spanish: convert from LATAM Spanish to European Spanish or the other way round
  • French: convert from Canadian French to European French or the other way round
  • Portuguese: convert from Brazilian Portuguese to European Portuguese or the other way round

We offer a 24/7 all-inclusive service: all listed languages, all words you can translate, no limits. Do not miss our customisation services if you need them.

To contact us to receive the information to subscribe to AltLang’s API or to have a demo, please submit this form to us. Follow us on Twitter (@AltLang_net) to stay tuned!