How does AltLang work?

It automatically replaces the existing differences between two language varieties of the same language. By perfoming only the necessary changes, AltLang reliably adapts content from one variety to another in seconds.

The main phenomena covered by AltLang include vocabulary, syntax, spelling, style (i.e. different use of punctuation, dates and hour formats, etc.) as well as other socio-linguistic differences.

How it works

Which languages does AltLang support?

It is currently available for the following language varieties:

British English
American English

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European French
Canadian French

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European Portuguese
Brazilian Portuguese

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European Spanish
Latin American Spanish

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New language variety pairs coming soon!

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Which formats does AltLang support?

Plain Text


(Libre/Open) Office

Editor, spreadsheet, presentation.





How do I work with AltLang?

Upload your documents and compressed files to AltLang’s application and download them in different varieties in just one click. You may use your own translation memories or glossaries.

blue_arrow AltLang Basic ‘With my current volume, I found everything I need to manage variants in the AltLang’s application’.

blue_arrow AltLang Premium  ‘Premium functionalities bring added value to my company and I don’t want volume restrictions. AltLang’s application is great but I’m also interested in the API’.

Which is the technology behind?

AltLang is based on the Apertium platform technology ( which was originally designed to automatically translate between closely related language pairs. Thus its suitability for language variety generation.

What do I get from customisation services?

  • Unequivocal and customised communication
    enter_blue_arrow Through the inclusion of your business terminology, style and specifics of your domain in each variety
  • Easy access to new markets and customer loyalty
    enter_blue_arrow Through the development of new varieties for the current languages or new languages that are strategic for your business

What about pricing?

Find out now how to implement it into your business workflow and chose the Plan that best suits your needs.

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